• Vinod Bijlani

Why Intelligent, Data-Sharing Networks Will Rule Public Transportation

Updated: May 5, 2021

Imagine a city where the buses, rapid transit systems, coaches, trams, and taxis all work together to provide reliable, predictable, and accessible information that helps commuters move from point A to B safely, quickly, and efficiently. Unfortunately, the reality is that today’s crowded cities face frequent traffic congestion, growing concerns around reliability, environmental impacts and energy consumption, and integration issues between transport systems.

To achieve faster and better ways to get commuters to their final destinations, the ability to share data across all modes is essential. Currently, the majority of cities share data between the different modes of transportation on a quarterly or yearly basis, mainly for the long-term planning of transportation services and infrastructure. Today, the advent of AI, big data technologies, and hyper computing platforms have given multimodal data-sharing a shot in the arm to go real-time.

The detailed article is published with CDOTrends on September 16th 2020 -


Author: Bijlani Vinod Anand is a thought leader in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things.He has contributed to the design and implementation of Smart City projects, and established intelligent public transportation and traffic ecosystems in India, Singapore, and the US. Vinod is a distinguished inventor with multiple patents in advanced technologies. He envisions a radically safer, healthier and more sustainable planet with the advent of Industry 4.0. For more details on Vinod’s professional background, please refer to - www.vinodbijlani.me

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